WALGA consults with its members on a variety of topics to inform our advocacy and service offering to members.

The scope of our requests for feedback reflects the range of operations conducted by Local Government.
Please see below for items for which we are currently seeking feedback from our Members.

Review of the WA Rail Access Regime

The Association has prepared a draft submission to the review of the WA Rail Access Regime being undertaken by the Department of Treasury and comment is invited from all Local Governments.

The draft submission is available here, and the Issues Paper prepared by Treasury is available here.
The Local Government sector has adopted a policy position that freight should be transported by rail where this is economically viable. Consequently Local Governments need to continue to be active in seeking to ensure the on-going provision of efficient and sustainable freight rail in the State.
The draft submission highlights the failure of the current regime to sustain existing freight rail infrastructure during the period it has operated. It makes a number of recommendations in relation to a formal role for State Government in the regime when considering marginal rail routes, pricing mechanisms, information and transparency.
Comments and feedback on the draft are invited from all members by Monday, 30 October.

 For more information, email Executive Manager, Infrastructure Ian Duncan or call 9213 2031.

Seeking Participation from Local Government Officers: Energy Efficient Street Lighting

WALGA and IPWEA have commenced a series of workshops to identify and overcome barriers to the implementation of energy efficient LED street lighting and smart controls in Western Australia.

The initial workshop engaged key representatives from Western Power, Horizon Power, Economic Regulation Authority, Public Utilities Office, Department of Environment and Energy, Main Roads WA and Local Governments.

WALGA is seeking to identify Local Government Officers interested in contributing to and influencing the direction of this work.

For more information, download the InfoPage.

The Association is keen to ensure that there is widespread consultation and engagement with Local Governments concerning future street lighting arrangements to ensure that these meet the needs of each community.  If you are interested in participating in this, email Administration Officer, Infrastructure Audra de Pina.

Review of the Local Government Act 1995

As previously advised, the Minister for Local Government has announced a review of the Local Government Act. The Association will consult the sector on all potential Act amendment issues this year.

WALGA has produced a discussion paper that is structured around each section of the Act. The discussion paper draws on a number of resources upon which WALGA’s proposals for Act amendment are based.

These resources represent long-standing positions on Act amendments that were developed by the sector and sector representatives. All positions are up for review as part of this process. In addition WALGA welcomes any other item to be brought forward.

The discussion paper can be found here.

WALGA will hold Zone and Regional Group forums on the Local Government Act Review in August and September. Local Governments can choose to contribute in conjunction with a Zone/Regional Group meeting, separately by lodging a Council endorsed submission, or both.
The final collated feedback will be prepared as a State Council Agenda Item for Zone consideration during the November/December 2017 round of Zone meetings. State Council will ultimately determine its position at its meeting on Wednesday, 6 December.
Council endorsed submission on the issues raised in this Discussion Paper, as well as any other relevant matters, can be forwarded by Friday, 20 October to Manager, Governance James McGovern.

For more information, email Manager, Governance James McGovern or Executive Manager, Governance and Organisational Services Tony Brown.

Seeking Local Government Feedback on Revised State Planning Policy 5.4 - Road and Rail Noise

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) has released a revised State Planning Policy 5.4 - Road and Rail Noise, and associated Guidelines for public comment. WALGA will be developing a sector submission.
The key objective of SPP 5.4 is to minimise the impact of road and rail noise on noise-sensitive land uses; and protect the State’s key transport corridors.
More information on the draft SPP 5.4 and Guidelines can be found here.
Submissions are required to be lodged with the WAPC by 5:00pm on Friday, 15 December.
The Association requests member feedback by Friday, 1 December, which will be used to develop a sector submission for WALGA’s State Council’s endorsement.

For more information or to provide feedback, email the WALGA Planning team.