The Environmnetal Planning Tool (EPT) is a niche mapping product. The main dintinguishing features are the large range of data, the capability to facilitate inclusion of local data, the unique reporting functions linked to statutory process requirements, easy and quick access to data interpretation and the user friendly interface.

The key benefits of using the EPT include:

  • increased time efficiency in undertaking desktop assessments for a specific site or an area of interest to inform land use planning at all levels or environmnetal planning;
  • ability to generate desktop assessment reports required for the implementation of a new Strategic Purpose Permit for native vegetation clearing for minor infrastructure projects, developed by the Department of Environmnet Regulation specifically for Local Governments;
  • ability to access a wide range of updated data by relevant staff across Local Government;
  • ability to communicate with wide range of stakeholders, including community volunteers.

EPT Demonstration and Training

WALGA is offering training workshops available to subscribers, demonstrating the EPT's capabilities to deliver specific tasks.  Local Governments considering subscribing are also welcome to attend.  We can deliver in-house training within Local Government Offices. To organise an in-house session or to register for a session to be held at WALGA contact Renata Zelinova, Business Development Officer (Environmental Planning Tool) on or phone 9213 2521 (Tuesdays to Thursdays).

EPT Demonstration and Training sessions hosted at WALGA:

Wednesday,  17 May 9:30am - 1:00pm
Wednesday,  14 June 9:30am - 1:00pm

Alternatively, watch the available training videos - Part 1 and Part 2. Note, these videos do not cover the 2016 updates to the EPT functions but still provide a good basic overview.

Accessing the EPT

The EPT is now available as a standalone application available on your desktop. Use of the EPT is subject to specific conditions. Subscriptions are required to gain access - current subscribers can download the new desktop application using the instructions below:

Subscription Options

Subscription to the EPT represents great value for money when compared to the expense of work tasks involving external spatial data searching/sourcing, data compilation and mapping actions. Subscription revenue assists WALGA to ensure the EPT is maintained to a high standard, with the most current and comprehensive range of data; to continue developing the most useful functionality and value-added tools and mapping ability for your needs and to provide ongoing excellent service to our subscribers.

Click here to view the subscription options.

Not sure if you want to subscribe? Try our smaller, public version. The public version of the EPT is still available free of charge. To access the public version you’ll need to download the desktop application by following the instructions for either Windows or Mac users above. *Please note that the public version is only designed for community use. This version has a limited range of datasets and reporting functionality.

How to use the EPT